You only need to bring us the receipts and then we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll do bookkeeping, calculation of VAT, and tax reports which we will deliver to you. The financial statement gives you an idea how your company’s status at the moment.  We also take care of sending reports to the tax authority. The entrepreneur will receive an annul financial statement from our working, and get a tax decision from the tax authority later on.

We are managing:

  • accounting, Including: journal, general ledger, balance sheet and income statement
  • balance sheet and financial statement

  • costs and project monitoring 

  • taxation
  • monthly, seasonal and yearly reports

Receipts of accouting

Accounting is based on your your business’ receipts, which combine into accounting records. For each business transaction, the receipt should be stored for accounting purposes. All purchases, sales and financing transactions belong to business transactions.
The following receipts belong to accounting records:
  • Bank account statements and their related materials
  • Sale receipts and balance stament from the third party (eg. cash register reports, contracts of sale, receipts and sales journals)
  • Purchase receipts (eg. contracts of sale, purchase receipts and transport documents)
  • Other business receipts (loan, rent or other agreements and loan guarantee receipts)

Receipts need to be stored six years according to law, therefore digital storing is advisable. Ordinary receipts tend to get lost easily.

Delivery materials easily

Materials can be delivered for example via letter, by email, with the help of cloud services, or with  WeChat or Whatsapp, whichever is the easiest way for you.